All medication refill requests must be made through the patient’s pharmacy. Please contact your pharmacy one week prior to running out of your medication and ask them to send an electronic refill request to our practice. While we try to expedite all requests, it may take a minimum of 48 hours to approve your refill. Please be proactive about your health and plan ahead! 

Per American Medical Association and the Board of Medical Examiners guidelines, it is our policy to monitor patients taking certain medications on a quarterly basis. Although medications may have been determined to be necessary for your health, it becomes important to monitor the other possible side effects that these drugs can cause. Generally, we require a Med Check Visit and labs every 3 months to effectively monitor our patients’ conditions. This will provide us with the information needed  to reduce the occurrence of adverse drug interactions from long term medication use to ensure that your health is not being jeopardized by your treatment. 
Our goal is to maximize the length and quality of life for our patients which we aim to accomplish without putting ourselves or our patients at risk. We take great caution and closely regulate medications based off their potential to cause significant harm from long term use, such as addiction and/or abuse, liver functions, intolerance, etc. With all the legalities of today’s medicine we want to avoid misuse by both the patient and the prescriber. Please reference the following Patient Agreement regarding our office policies for Controlled Substance Prescriptions.

If a patient is in need of a medication refill, but is due for a Med Check Visit, they will be contacted via telephone to schedule this prior to any refill being authorized. For patient safety, we cannot prescribe antibiotics or refill antibiotics without an office visit with a provider. For patient safety, we cannot prescribe medications previously prescribed by another physician without  an evaluation visit.
Controlled Substance Contract   (click here to download)