Dr. Flory Kreutter serves as principal investigator for the clinical trials.
Sue Thielen acts as a sub-investigator. 

The Cherry Creek Family Practice Research team have committed
many hours to extensive GCP, IATA, Protection of Human Subjects, OSHA, and HIPAA
training to conduct clinical trials that contribute to the advancement of medicine. 
Over the past 15 years, Dr. Flory Kreutter has been the Principle Investigator participating
in studies to find more effective and affordable medications for conditions that include;

  • 16 Diabetic studies
  • 6 Hypertension studies
  • 3 Cholesterol studies
  • 5 COPD studies
  • 5 Asthma studies
  • 2 Arthritis studies
  • 1 Gout study
  • 2 Flu studies
  • 2 Allergy studies
  • 2 Birth control studies